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Peter F. Lemkin, Ph.D.

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The Lemkin Group has consulted on projects in bioinformatics, exploratory data analysis, image processing, Java software, web sites, and open source software.


Peter Lemkin was the Principal Investigator of the Image Processing and Database Analysis Group, in the Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology, at the National Cancer Institute later renamed the Center for Cancer Research Nanobiology Program. Dr. Lemkin received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science on image processing applied to the analysis of microscope cell image analysis. He received a MSEE (Univ. Rochester) and a BSEE. (Cornell Univ.) in electrical engineering. His research had concentrated on applying exploratory data analysis, image analysis, biomedical databases, and Internet technologies to the automation of DNA microarray and proteomics data mining, 2-dimensional (2D) electrophoretic protein gel analysis, Web tools, and collaborative-computing biomedical problems.

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Revised: Nov 24, 2023

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