Instructions for the 'What is this?' Quiz

Over the years we threw some samples of obsolete stuff in an old carboard box and called it the "Computer Museum". When new summer students would first arrive in our old NCI/NIH Lab, we would sometimes give them a quiz by pulling items out of the box and ask them "What is this?". The "Museum" has been photographed and put up as this web site (the above link is a mirror of that web site). It is a short quiz to see how much you know about some of the computer artifact "stuff" of yesteryear.

Click on a question in the table of contents on the left to put a picture of the artifact on the right. Guess what you think what the answer might be and then click on the picture to see the answer or click on the "Get answer" link. Press the "Next" link to advance to the next question in the list and "Previous" to backup to the previous question.

Start the quiz at Question 1.

If you want to know more about particular items, try doing a Google search or look in Wikipedia.

This is a mirror of the original Computer Museum Quiz Web site on the CCRNP, NCI-Frederick.
(Early draft) January, 2007