PSAIL - SAIL to C compiler

The PSAIL program was a SAIL language to C language compiler that was created to help translate the GELLAB-I SAIL program. These are the files from the PSAIL compiler including: the user manual, compiler documentation and source code for both the SAIL .SAI/.REQ files and the generated C .c/.h files. There are also runtime files used by the compiler and the C runtime support code used by generated C code. There is no excecutable version of PSAIL available since the project was stopped once it had translated the DEC10/SAIL GELLAB-I to the beginnings of C/UNIX GELLAB-II. The major effort at that point was getting GELLAB-II working, so the fully working UNIX version of PSAIL was never completed.

It was written up in two publications:

  1. Lemkin PF (1985) PSAIL- A portable SAIL compiled translator for C environments Computer Languages 2, 39-45.
  2. Lemkin PF (1988) PSAIL: A portable SAIL to C compiler - Description and tutorial. SIGPLAN Notices 13(10),149-169.

PSAIL documentation

PSAIL SAIL and C code as downloadable .zip files

PSAIL Make files

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